Change is the oldest word we have not just here on earth, but in the whole universe. Because of it a cosmic evolution has happened. Planets were formed and its inhabitants grow and evolved; we happened. It was the key that opened up a beautiful world for us to enjoy and live in. Nothing of what we have now will be possible without change. It is eternal, it is forever it self; and so we have to learn how to cope with it. Life as we know it is change in disguised.

I can still remember the first time change knocked in my life. It was in my early childhood, I was 6 at that time. I remember being so nervous that I don’t want to let go of my mom’s hands. It was my very first day in school at a kinder garden near our home in Legazpi City. It was so frightening for me, I can feel me knees shaking and my hands are freezing like ice. I can feel Mr. Fear hugging me as I kept hiding my self at the back of my mom. Because the place is new to me, the shyness flourished like spring and froze me like snow. Luckily enough I have my mother who brought with her words of encouragements, and guess what? It didn’t work that time! Minutes have passed and here comes a bunch of kids with their moms entering the same unfamiliar room where me and my mom at. What’s more creepier is we all have the same watery eyes, like it was the end of the world. Some kids were carried by their mother and some hid from their mothers skirts. Kinder garden school was as scary as Mr. Clown.  I can hear one child cries followed by the other, and another; then the room is now choired with crying children, including me of course.  Mom’s pants were now wet by my tears, I felt really terrible and this has to stop now. “I want to go home! Let’s go home now!” Those were the only words I can think of that time. Until suddenly a voice came from the front, saying “Good morning little angels!”  It was my very first teacher at school. Unfortunately I already forgot her name but I can still picture her from my mind. She introduced her self with a joyful and enthusiastic tone that is captured the attention of the children (us) in that class.  One by one the children stopped crying and silenced the room. It was like if she has a mind controlling power that she managed to control the irritated and scared children. And on she goes on introducing her self and the things we’re going to do and why we are in that room. We somewhat like listening to her as if we fully understand the things she’s saying. Still in my mind “I want to go home now”. And then we’ve heard the magical words our teacher spoke that time, “Let us play inside the toy room!” It was like “Oh wow this is now getting exciting” for me and all of the children in that room. We lined up getting ready to enter the toy room with our eyes a little bit wide and you can really tell that those kids were really excited to play. Then our teacher opened the door, it was full of toys! It was like a heaven for kids. The shy and scared kids now are slowly adjusting, and picking up toys of their choice. We started playing and being friends with one another. It felt like I was not at school but at home playing with my toys. From that moment I realized that school is not that bad, it was fun and I’m excited to come back day after day to enjoy with my new found friends. We conquered our fears and coped with the little change we faced during that first day of school. I always smile every time I remember those days, the days where I was so scared and shy, I don’t want to let go of my mom, the fright I felt that I want to Go Back and turn away from school. Good thing I stayed and learned to adjust to that change. That was the first step that made me who I am today.

I hope you liked that little story of my self back in my child days. But why did I site my preschool life as an example? Because that is the exact same process that we undergo every time a change is happening or will happen to us. Because we got used to a certain situation or I can say our comfort zone, we’ll get scared once change touches that zone. We started to resist the change and feel like it should not happen, it cannot happen and why is it happening to us. We often feel frightened and get low that if freezes us to act in the most appropriate way. But as we embrace the change, as we accept what it brings fort; we slowly get the hang of it.  You see change is constant; we can never escape this everlasting event. Change molds us to who we are now and who we can become in the future. Can you imagine what is life hanging out and running for your life from a T-Rex? Or wrestling with a giant croc for food? If not for the change that happened in those times, we are still in terror now because of those gigantic creatures. We have to thank change because it is like an artist carving our lives to perfection.

I always see change like this:

C – Celebration of Life
H – Honing of your abilities
A – Acceptance of the challenges
N – New beginning is coming
G – Gather and use all learnings from change
E – Exciting and Educational.

You are so lucky because change is still coming your way, you know you still have another chance to transition your life from good to better. It is a sign that you are still alive, so celebrate and enjoy change. After all the challenges it brings comes a new beginning and a happier page of your story. A new story full of joy and learnings that you can use as once the next chapter of your life is about to be written.

Every opportunity is brought by change, sometimes you’re not aware that you are meeting someone in an instance or you’ll meet offers from someone or something; this are often part of the change that is going to happen to your life. These unexpected events you meet can bring you the change you’ve been always wanting for. You just don’t realize it until you grab such chance you’ve been introduced. As goes the saying “Opportunity knocks once”, so grab the opportunity to change, be better and receive the rewards it conveys at the end.

We should embrace change; learn to live with it and by it, Life will be brighter because change is its true meaning.

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