A Beginner’s Guide to CONFIDENCE

Confidence, it is the feeling or belief that one can depend on someone or something.  It is the power of a person to uplift his spirit to achieve what he is aiming for or his goals. If you look back in our history, Many if not all of the greatest structures, inventions and achievement where rooted from a magical formula called CONFIDENCE. The belief that their idea/s or imagination would someday come true is what they are holding on, and today we are the ones who are enjoying the benefit of their confidence. So if this magic formula is one of the secrets to success, then why is it that still a lot of people lack this? How do we lose our confidence and how can one rebuild it and get back on track again? Let me help you understand the importance of confidence in our lives.


We all have experience this feeling of greatness, that we in all our might will be victorious in our endeavor. However, there will come a time that this feeling eventually and gradually decrease; maybe because we encounter challenges or we got exhausted of the wear and tear that you are facing towards your main goal. This process is normal and has been the ordeal every successful person faced that made them who they are. To better improve your confidence, you need to know the things that make it plummet and slow you down on your objective.

These are the things or situations that Affects Confidence:

  • Person/Persons close to you that does not believe in your goal
  • A rejection from those who you propose your idea
  • Lack or scarcity of materials or resources needed for your idea.
  • The obvious applauded success of your competitor in your field/idea
  • An unexpected loss of a loved one or a job.
  • Your appearance.

These are just some of the things that greatly affect our self confidence. But we have to understand that these are an essential part in developing your confidence. Without these challenges, your belief might have a very unstable foundation. So how do we deal   with these situations? Here are the 3 tips you can apply in improving or gaining back your confidence.

Tip # 1:

Exercise A Quick Fix Regimen

Quick fix regimens are things you can do to swiftly increase your confidence. Such activities like listening to music; not just ordinary music but these should be a type of music or songs that will inspire you and give you a quick boost of esteem. You can also try watching inspirational movies e.g. Facing The Giants, Pursuit Of Happyness, The Three Idiots and alike. Jogging or exercising in the morning can also help as this will increase the supply of oxygen in your body, making you function more effectively. You can easily and rapidly give a turbo on your confidence by these types of activities. You must pat your own back and remind your self daily that you are and awesome creation. Understanding that everyday is a challenge you must face to achieve something will make it easier and would give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Tip # 2:

Believe in your ability to improve

Nothing last forever but change, Change is the most constant thing in this world. Adapting to every change in every situation is crucial in developing confidence. You must condition your self that you will go thru a series of change in your lifetime that needs to happen as part of the process. Believing in your ability to improve will help you get used to the variations you are facing. You must have the growth mindset, a form of acknowledging the process of development. Having this correct mindset will lead you to creating ways more productive and helpful to your progress in accordance to improving your self confidence. It has been proven scientifically that thinking about self improvement constantly is far better than having a fixed mindset. This allows your brain cells to actively search for ways on solving a certain problem or situation. Believing you can improve every aspect of your life enhances your brain and body coping to any event and will give you the confidence you need to finish your goal.

Tip # 3:

Never be afraid to fail

They say it is better to fail than not trying, because by that failure you can learn a lot of knowledge that you can use towards your success. Never be afraid of failing, it is not the end when you fail; it is only the start of your journey. F.A.I.L. it self has a meaning, First Attempt In Learning. Meaning failure is also a part of the process, all of the successful persons we know in our history once failed on their way to victory. In sports we all know Michael Jordan, He is one of the sports legend and most accomplished player. A lot of todays player were a product of Jordan’s legacy, Michael was their childhood hero in basketball. But even the greatest player faced adversities along the way, he was trusted for game winning shots but failed at times, before he got the first championship for his team, they’ve lost several seasons prior.  But with his perseverance and will to succeed, He broke all the walls that are blocking him to get that championship. His failures made him stronger and became a better player… the best player who has ever played the game.

You are a magnificent creature; you have all the abilities and talent that is needed for success. These abilities are the key to having the confidence you need. But you must always remember that confidence is not arrogance; most people mistakenly think that being arrogant is being confident. It is in no way the same, for arrogance mirrors ignorance while confidence indicates intelligence.

Where do people rely on to be confident? This question must also be taken to consideration when you are developing or regaining your confidence. Some people are confident when they have expensive things, extravagant lifestyle, fame and money. This type is often called the external driven Confidence. While I cannot argue that things like expensive cars, houses or wardrobes really boosts confidence, I can say that relying more on external things to gain confidence is a weak one. This is because if you only feel confident while these things exist, you may find your self devastated once those stuffs suddenly disappear. Recovery will be very hard because your confidence was only based on the external factors of your life. The real true confidence is the one that is build from within. The confidence that is fueled by passion, inspiration and the deepest why of your endeavor is the type of confidence you must develop. Even when you have nothing to start with or you feel alone, it will never stop you in attaining your goals because you have the confidence that is built internally. Once you start having those external factors but suddenly lost them along the way? You can always regain your confidence because it will always be there inside you.

With self confidence, your life will be an amazing journey.


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