20 Common Struggles of a Network Marketer

I‘ve been a network marketer since college and I can say I have experience the good and the not so good with this industry. I have met friends and partners here that really did good and now living a life that is extra ordinary and I am really fortunate to have met them and learned a lot from them. This industry really gives hope and chance to those who will really work for it.

Now based on my experience, I have gathered the 20 most common struggles of a network marketer. This is not to destroy the industry but to rather put an awareness to the newbies and to the up-lines or sponsors who recruited their down-lines. May these be a guide in uplifting the image of this wonderful industry. You may or may have not experience this but it could be an eye opener for you if you are in the MLM business.
Here are the 20 most common struggles of a network marketer:
1) Doesn’t know how present the business or the product.

2) Doesn’t know how to invite and recruit people

3) Don’t know how to sell their product.

4) Felt like their just being used by their uplines.

5) Uplines left them after joining because they already got the commission

6) Clueless of what is network marketing.

7) Their up lines told them they will guide them all the way…but not.

8) Losing a lot of money because they need to treat their invites and give them fares..but they never joined

9) Their friends were upset because their uplines told them that invite all, even if they don’t want to..so they now lost most of their friends.

10) They use the technique of kidnap method where they told their prospects of something good, like job offers, interviews,coffee shops treat, but only bringing them to the presentation room, resulting to their guests being so mad or upset to them.

11) They need to go to the office more often because their uplines told them so, even without guest..so they still need to shed off money for their fare and foods.

12) They need to attend nightly meetings that ends so late until early in the morning, like 2-3am, all they are talking about are Power up words and pushing of their uplines…

13) They need to maintain a monthly fees or sales or else their points or earnings will be lost..

14) Their uplines never really teach them the exact same system that they used…because there is no system…

15) Uplines don’t treat them as partners, they treat them as workers.

16) They are being forced to attend trainings that is so expensive, all they will hear are motivational speech from uplines.. Mind-setting them to recruit, do monthly maintenance and so on.

17) They are forced to Put out more money just to reach certain rank..even if this will result to more debt to the downline and more points or profit for the uplines…

18) Their uplines get all their products, promising to return it but never really happened.

19) They got bored from their uplines because all they say are motivational words..when asked about a solution or a system, they can’t give any that are proven tested and doable that their down lines can follow.

20) Their uplines doesn’t care about their struggles…because for them its negative talking…so they just pretend that their ok and are powered up even if not…

You may or may not agree with my experience and observations around the industry but as I’ve said, this is only to open the eyes of those who still doesn’t see the obvious flaws that can actually be corrected for the betterment of our beloved industry. Feel Free to comment your opinion about this topic.

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Thank you for having the time to read my article. I hope this gives you some information you can use to improve your business.May you have all the success you are aiming for. God bless you.

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